Just want to save it here. Started from seed until blooming. Started with no expectation and there they are. Full bloom in front of my house. Planning to keep on adding flowers to boost the mood of my house during this period of staying home. 

Seeds bought from Mydin.

Quite fast growing. This one grew after one week. Last batch took around two weeks. 

Results after two months. 

Just about to bloom. 

tengah 'malu-malu' nak kembang. Tak kena direct matahari sebab letak belakang rumah. 

Hello world! I'm blooming. 

Rise and shine. 

Sunflower is among the type of flowers 
which can boost your mood and good to improve mental health 

Currently waiting for Marigold to bloom and growing another batch of Sunflowers. I am going to boost up the mood of my house during this whole PKP period. 


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